808 makes you feel the music

from the highest to the deepest groove

Don’t avoid open terrain

The XS Sport is perfect for the music lover who likes to take the party outside

The small CANZ delivers BIG sound

The wireless Bluetooth® loudspeaker 808 CANZ offers powerful sound in a compact format.

You just cannot sidestep the 360° surround sound

The 808 HEX SL offers rich sound with no wires attached – directly from your smartphone or tablet

Bluetooth speakers for true audiophiles

Bluetooth speakers by 808audio open up a whole new dimension of mobile audio excellence. Listen to your favourite music whenever and wherever you like and however you like it – with our wireless speakers, you get it all in one mobile and compact package: a rich bass, strong mid frequencies and crisp treble. With its long-lasting battery and Bluetooth functionality, you experience convenient wireless streaming and are free to take your music wherever you want. At the beach, in the park, on the road with friends or relaxed at home – with 808audio, you experience a flawless combination of mobility and audio quality. Amaze yourself and amaze your friends with the bombastic sound of this American AAA-brand – now available in Europe

808audio A brand with a great future and a rich history

The brand name 808audio originates from the legendary drum-synthesizer Roland TR-808, that launched in 1981. Even today this name is well known by audio professionals: The TR-808 was used for songs by artists like Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins or Whitney Houston and is said to be the most popular analogue drum-synthesizer of all times. 808Audio strives to revive this legendary sound and fuse it with the wireless convenience of modern technology. Their wireless speakers offer flawless Bluetooth functionality and rich, pure sound. Give it a try and play your favourite songs on one of our speakers – mobile and wireless. Their outstanding sound quality will amaze you.

Something for everyone: The broad range of Bluetooth speakers

808audio is as flexible as your lifestyle! Within our portfolio, you will find mobile wireless speakers for every scope of application imaginable. Super mobile, suited for outdoor use or capable to fill entire rooms with great sound – we got it all covered for you. Our smallest speakers are just a few inches and extremely lightweight, so you can take them almost anywhere. Our XXL versions on the other hand offer tremendous sound and are loud enough even for large rooms or your next garden party. If you are looking for a solid mobile speaker that is water-proof, dust-proof and can take a beating, look no further – 808audio has the right speaker for you.

Lossless audio streaming with state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology

808audio’s line-up of Bluetooth speakers not only shines due to its versatility, but also its high-quality workmanship. In their range, they always offer outstanding performance at an extremely fair price. This great value for our customers is achieved by thoroughly developing for the highest possible audio quality. Thanks to the high-grade materials used for our electronics and drivers as well as our great technical expertise in the field of Bluetooth technology, our products rank among the best of the best in the industry. No matter if you want compact, mobile, durable or performant – with us, you always find the perfect sound for your individual music taste. And that includes extremely long battery run-times between six and twelve hours.

Turn it on, connect, and listen to your tunes

Mobile high-end sound doesn’t have to be complicated! Connect smartphones, tablet-PCs or laptops to your speaker without any expert knowledge: simply activate Bluetooth on your device, turn on the search mode of you 808audio speaker and in a matter of seconds the pairing is complete. Once established, the source device and the speaker recognize each other automatically when nearby. That way you experience all your favourite music, audio books, radio and even calls with great audio quality and without effort.

High detail audio, truly wireless

808audio speakers feature high-resolution drivers for great sound quality on the highest level. Fromthe casing to the membrane and its magnets and electronics, all parts are high-end and well attuned for high-level performance. Due to it’s Bluetooth technology and integrated batteries, all 808audio speakers are completely wireless as well – for many hours of continuous playback. When used stationary, they are recharged at the power outlet or USB-port in no time. Enjoy listening to your favourite music in premium quality – mobile and wireless. With speakers by 808audio, you always have your hi-fi system with you.