808audio legendary sound and maximum convenience

808audio. This is a name that resonates with promise – the sound of a legendary musical era coming back to life. Some of the greatest songs of all time were made with the Roland TR-808 drum synthesizer, for exampleby artists like Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins or Whitney Houston. This is the amazing sound that 808audio offers – with all the convenience of the 21th Century: Bluetooth streaming, battery lifes of up to twelve hours and many additional features.

Bluetooth speakers by 808audio unite the best of two worlds: They offer maximum convenience when listening to music and bring back the legendary sound of an era when music really meant something. When one song could carry the feel of a whole generation. When brilliant DJs wrote music history and international superstars took the stages and amazed audiences with their charisma.

Get this sound of „the good old times“

808audio – active speakers for an active lifestyle

Music is life, music is movement, music is where you are. With 808audio, all your favourite tunes and your personal soundtrack are always with you. Every speaker by 808audio is as mobile and flexible as you are. They play your music for up to twelve hours non-stop, even when there is no power socket nearby. The integrated battery offers many hours of great sound and still has enough power for connecting to your smartphone, tablet-PC or notebook via Bluetooth. Without cables, without compromises – that’s 808audio.

808audio – all the speakers, all the individuality

Music is something unique, something individual and different for everyone. The same goes for sound systems, no matter if mobile or at home. That’s why the wide speaker range of 808audio offers all the features one could possibly imagine: light shows, equalizer, hands-free calling, outdoor capabilities or simply a compact size – 808audio always has what you need. You will find the right speaker with ease and even in different colours. The 808audio range includes the best hardware for every imaginable situation. Don’t settle for the usual – get the mobile speaker that fits all your needs perfectly. 808audio offers everything to get you started and beyond

808audio – das große Erbe des Roland TR-808

Today, only a few people remember drum synthesizers. But in the eighties and nineties, these technical marvels were common in the music industry. They were used for some of the most famous songs ever written. One of the best known and most popular drum synthesizers of all time is the Roland TR-808 which was released in 1981. It provided sounds that were used in hits like „Sexual Healing“ by Marvin Gaye or Whitney Houston’s „I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)“. Also, this device and it’s unique sound became the formative influence for whole musical genres. This is the heritage 808audio is now aiming to fulfil with their wide range of Bluetooth speakers – and they are firmly determined to prove themselvesworthy of this great name.